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 Buying  a home that you have a say in when it comes to construction and customization is as close to your dream home as it gets. You are allowed to dream while the experts do all the work.


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We have various homes at lucrative locations, with customizable designs that you can pick from. our homes are designed with you, the client, in mind to ensure that the process is easy, fun and satisfactory.


We  ensure that you get  a home that is as close to your vision as possible. We do this by allowing you to customize some of the spaces to suit your fancy. We understand the compromise that you have to make to buy offplan and choose to make this easy for you.


Are you wondering about how to become a home owner. Do you have your own land that you would wish to build on but  are struggling on where to start. talk to us for step by step consultation that will not only out your mind to rest but pockets at ease.

We’ll Build You The Perfect Space

Space is not just a matter of four walls and rooms but a well thought of process that puts in mind the day to day funtions of a home.

Flexible payments to suit your budget

Our payment plans have put in mind the times and constraints that we are in allowing you flexible payments. We also listen to your coming up with specialized arrangements that work with your current cashflow. 

Book your unit, let us do the rest..

Our processes are simple and straightforward right from the time you walk into our site or offices. We have ensured that the necessary mechanisms to not only explain but expound on due dilligence are in place.

Current Projects

Find our current projects and upcoming ones listed below.

Pickett Heritage

Ksh 5,990,000

135 sqm.  •  3 Beds  •  3 Baths

Kangundo Rd, Joska


Ksh 5,950,000

135sqm.  •  3 Beds  •  3 Baths


COMING SOON: Pickett Lux

Ksh 6,000,000

150sqm.  •  3 Beds  •  3 Baths




Pickett Homes Ltd has been a long time coming. The reason I say this is because it is a passion that I have developed over time. My experience and the lessons that I have learned are what makes us unique. Affordable Homes and the fulfillment of the same is not just a goal or idea that Kenyans have. It is a calling for those that understand why we need people to own their spaces.

Making it easy for Kenyans by providing these solutions through a partnership with the home buyers is the way to go. Talk to us about your vision and desires and let us together formulate a solution that will ensure that you get a home risk free.



We are available for consultation and discussions surrounding your investments. You will be surprised how much what you have is able to do. 

Start Your JOURNEY Today

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. you will one day look back a the decision you are making today and thank God that you made the move. Karibu sana.