Our Projects

We have embarked on client centered projects for the sole purpose of providing long lasting solution to homeownership. The difference between us and the rest is the ability to create long lasting relationship as opposed to short term transactions. We listen to you and also offer free consultation on the best way to invest depending on your ability. Talk to us today .


Our projects are set on locations that enhance the quality of life. We are keen on amenities like schools, churches, tarmacked roads, supermarkets and shopping centers. The quality of everyday life needs to remain unhampered for life to flow seamlessly.


One of the main reasons why we buy homes is for posterity. This means that our children need to be able to not only enjoy the facilities but thrive in them. This is why we endear to have play areas and child friendly estates.

We'll Find You The Perfect Space

The perfect space is a combination  of functionality and vision. Functionality makes living convenient while incorporating your vision creates ownership.

We Work With Your Budget

We do understand that you do not just have money lying around for the project. We give you options that will make what you have and what you can get work.


Our experts have been in the business long enough with a number of projects under their belt. We are not beginners as it may seem but a collection of well seasoned individuals that have built many homes.

Our Story

The beginning of Pickett Homes Ltd was never about getting a¬† slice of the real estate market but solving real problems in the offplan real estate industry. The issues that have plagued the industry in the past are not impossible to solve. This is why we have come up with an outfit that is out to prove that affordable housing is possible. Our joy is to see everyone’s dream come true. We agree that it will not be easy, but together, we will make it happen.

Our Experts

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